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Department of Anthropology

 About the Department:

The Department of Anthropology of North Bank College was established in 2010. This department offers Higher Secondary and Degree Course (both Major and Non-Major) as per the prescribed syllabus of AHSEC and Dibrugarh University respectively. Both B.A and B.Sc. are one in the same programme.

The department has strength of three experienced faculty members (members with Ph.D. 01, 01 pursuing Ph.D.) It has a sound Laboratory of Biological  Anthropology, Pre-history and Anthropological Museum with rich collections of various cultures. There are sufficient numbers of class room for both Higher Secondary and Under Graduate students. The department of Anthropology published a wall magazine name “GEN” annually where in the students  of the department express their literary creativity through poem, short stories, prose and articles relevant to Anthropology. The department is mainly provided the academic activities of the teachers and students, helping to the poor students, mentoring and motivating students and participating departmental seminars and  guardian meet. The department plays an important role in different activities within the college as well as  outside the college.

 Department organizes various types of awareness camp, blood grouping camp, career-counselling programme, workshop, seminars, quiz competition  etc. Apart from such activities, students are also taken part in various programmes and activities in college annual week, NCC, NSS and youth festivals.

i. To provide holistic education to the students. The basic goal of our department is to pursue a complete understanding of what it means to be human by understanding the relationship between human biology, language and culture.

ii. To understand our evolutionary origins, our distinctiveness as a species and the great diversity in our forms of social existence across the world and through time.

iii. To develop human resource with special emphasises on the region where it is located.


            The Department of Anthropology, North Bank College, Ghilamara, Lakhimpur offers Under Graduate programme in Anthropology under Dibrugarh University. The Under Graduate Programme is designed to:

i.  Provide the undergraduate majors in Anthropology with a program of work leading to the bachelor’s degree and prepare the students for advanced degrees in Anthropology.

ii.  Prepare the students for social work with their understanding of anthropological concepts, methods and holistic approach.

iii.  Develop confidence and expertise in oral and written communication and persuasive argumentation.

iv. Understand and critically evaluate core knowledge within Anthropology and allied disciplines. Learn the methods and significance of ethnography as a research approach and method. Appreciate the relevance of anthropological research to social, political and economic debates.



 Course Programme:


 Future Plan:

 Academic and Extention Activities:

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              Title of Activity                                                              



Seminar ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar "Anthropology of Tourism: Problems and Prospects of Assam with special reference to North- East India". 2023 View File
Co-curricular Sanskritir Edin(Cultural Programme) 2023 View File
Social Felicitation Programme 2022 View File
Academic Resourse Exchange Programme 2022 View File
Academic  Awareness Programme on UPSC/APSC 2022 View File
Freshmansocial Departmental Freshman meet and Farewell 2022 View File
Social Activity Ethnography Study among different ethnic group 2022 View File
Field Trip Visited Senior Citizen Home 2021 View File



 Publication of the Department : 

           Nature of Publication                                Description                   View                   
Wall Magazine  GEN  View File

 Alumni of the Department:

Passing Year                                               Name of the Student                              View                              
2022 Aibhan Phukan View Profile
2022 Jayanta Baruah View Profile
2022 Gaotom Phukan  View Profile
2022 Licha Rani Baruah View Profile
2022 Mayuri Gogoi View Profile
2022 Kakali Gogoi View Profile
2022 Pranita Gohgoi View Profile
2022 Dipimoni Phukan View Profile
2022 Hemanta Chutia View Profile
2022 Ram Borman View Profile
2022 Lakhendra Chutia View Profile
2022 Rekhamoni Sut View Profile
2021 Montu Gohain View Profile
2021 Pranjal Borgohain View Profile
2021 Bhagyashree Baruah View Profile
2021 Deepshikha Chutia View Profile
2021 Khirananda Gohain View Profile
2021 Nbajita Kutum View Profile
2021 Parinita Gogoi View Profile
2021 Parishmita Das View Profile
2021 Shikhamoni Changmai View Profile
2020 Mridupaban Gohgoi View Profile
2020 Nitul Baruah View Profile
2020 Dimpi Phukan  View Profile
2020 Jahnabi Gogoi View Profile
2020 Jyotsna Phukan View Profile
2020 Marami Patir View Profile
2020 Nikita Dutta View Profile
2019 Debajit Baruah View Profile
2018 Luina Tamuli  View Profile
2018 Puja Mahanta View Profile
2018 Riturekha Baruah View Profile
2016 Prajip Baruah View Profile
2016 Jitendra Mohan Bharali View Profile
2016 Bitupan Saikia View Profile




 Students Progression : 




       Year                      Name of Students                                 Description                              View                    
2022 Aibhan Phukan  Teacher View Profile
2022 Gautam Phukan M.A  Student View Profile
2022 Mayuri Gogoi PGDCA View Profile
2022 Lisharani Baruah Computer Operator and Programming Assistant  View Profile
2022 Kakali Gogoi Computer Operating and Programming Assistant View Profile
2022 Pranita Gogoi Computer Operating and Progrmming Assistant View Profile
2021 Parinita Gogoi Self Employed Tailor under NUL Mission View Profile
2021 Sikhamoni Changmai Self Employed Tailor under NUL Mission View Profile
2018 Puja Mahanta Relationship Officer View Profile
2018 Riturekha Baruah B.Ed Student View Profile
2016 Pradip Baruah Graduate Teacher View Profile

 Syllabus/Calender/ Routine:

                 Description                                       View                            
Syllabus B.A Honours(CBCS) View File
Syllabus  B.A Non-Honours(CBCS) View File
       Departmental Academic Calender       View File
Routine Even Semester 2022-23 View File
Rounitne Odd Sem 2022-23 View File