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Department of History

About the department:

                           The Department of History of North Bank College established in the year of 1961. Name of the programme is Bachelor Of Arts. Now there is semester system in  the department and programme is choice based credit system(CBCS). In the year 2004, the Major comes started in the department.


          Vision :

          1.   The Department aims to make the students aware of the past and its legacies through teaching, research and extension activities in Indian                                history in the context of world history.  We believe that only a critical understanding of the past will enable the students to understand the present and                  help them look towards the  future.

          2. The department seks to provides an enlightening environment in which students and teachers can discuss contemporary socio-economic issues.

        3. Department is promoting participatory method of learning . The department organizes students seminars, quiz competitions, group discussionto train                students.


        Mission :

          1. Transform the students into citizens who are critically informed about the past and its consequences for the present .

          2. The knowledge about the interconnections between the global, national,  regional and local history will equip the students to face the challenges with        confidance.

         3. To making history as an inspiration to individual and communities to transform themselves and their society.

         4.   It aims at making it relevant in the competitive world of multidisciplinary study and research.




Courses Programme:


Future Plan:


Academic and Extention Activities:

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Publication of the Department:

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Alumni of the Department:

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Students Progression :





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