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Department of Mathematics


About the Department:

North Bank College was established in the year 1961. On public demand the college authority introduce the subject Mathematics  at pre-degree stage from the academic session 1974-75. Mr. Ramen Gohain joined as a lecturer in the department on 6th Sept. 1974 and had left this college on 31st Dec.1974. After his resignation  Mr. Sanjib. Malla. Bujarbaruah  joined as a lecturer in the department in the Year 1975. The permission and affiliation of the subject Mathematics  was accorded by the Dibrugarah University , Assam effective from 1979-80 for pre-degree level. Further the subject  upgraded to degree standard  and affilation was granted from the year 1981-82 vide govt. Memo No.EPH/248/83 dt.Oct./83.  Another lecturer Mr. Durgeswar Saikia was appointed on 01/03/1984.  Mr. durgeswar Saikia has resigned from his service on 05/08/1989 and his place was filled up by Mr. Haren Saikia on 16/02/1990 in the vacant  sanction post vide Govt. letter No. G(A)AC/26/87 and has been serving uninterruptedly till now.  In view of generating interest among the students  the college introduce Major in Mathematics from the session 2002-2003 and permission is accorded by the Dibrugarah University vide letter No. DU/RG/DC/PERN/2003-04/96 dt.17/12/03. Mrs Dolly Gohain joined this department as a lecturer on 12/07/2004. In the year 2005  Dr. S. M. Bujarbaruah resigned from his post and joined as Principal of North Bank College. After his resignation  Mr. Nitul Bhuyan and Mr. Paresh Dutta  appointed as a lecturer in the department of Mathematics against non-sanction post. In July 2022  Mr.  Nitul Bhuyan has resigned from his service and his place was filled up by Miss Jeblina Gogoi on Sept. 2022.


The department vision is to develop mathematical thinking and applying it to solve real life challenges. Futher to provide an environment where student can learn, become competent users of mathematics and understand the use of Mathematics in order discipline. 


With the diversification of higher education the department is also greared to cope up with the latest development of modern mathematics.

To provide an environment where the students can learn , become competent users of mathematics and understand the use of mathematics in the other disciplines.

Imparting the quality mathematics Education and the inculcating of spirit of research through innovative teaching and research methodologies.

- Empowering students with all the knoweledge and guidance that they need to become worthy management professionals.

- Creat and healthy environment in teaching learning process.

- Provide laboratory work in some areas of mathematics.

- Remedial class for slow learner.

- Provide books to the students from departmental library.

- Organized group seminar within the students of the department and try to develop their competency and communication skill. 



Course Programme:


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Academic and Extention Activities:

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Publication of the Department:

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Alumni of the Department:

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2021 ANUPAM SAIKIA  View Profile
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Students Progression of Last Five Year: 

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