North Bank College, Ghilamara, Lakhimpur, Assam - 787053

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Objective of the College

The main objectives of the college is to influence social life with teaching, research, extension of services and effective studies and to spread, create and cherish knowledge and harmony. Also, the following will be other objectives -

  1. To create, cherish and spread knowledge. 
  2. To encourage discipline and intellectual curiosity. To work for achieving the best quality as a fearless educational institution. 
  3. To encourage unity in diversity in the atmosphere of tolerance and mutual understanding. 
  4. The enhance freedom, secularism, equality and social justice stated in the Constitution of India and to work as an inspiring power in the social and economic transformation by cultivating the best fundamental values from the point of view of national development. 
  5. To take part in solving the problems in local and regional development. To make available benefits of knowledge and skills for the development of individuals and society. 
  6. To shoulder the social responsibility as a vigilant and objective critic. To create proper leadership in all the fields of life and to help the new generation in developing their proper attitude, inclination and qualities. 
  7. To make equal opportunities of higher education available to all irrespect of gender biasness. 
  8. To provide for efficient and sensitive administration and scientific management. 
  9. To make opportunities of enhancing the quality of knowledge, training and skills available constantly. 
  10. To encourage national unity and take care of national heritage. 
  11. To include applied factors in the syllabi and, thereby, to increase tendency of work and establish dignity of labour. 
  12. To achieve economic self-dependence. 
  13. To accomplish interaction and coordination between university and college in a better way. 
  14. To create self-respect and sense of dignity among the people of the weak sections of the society and enhance it. 
  15. To emphasis on moral ethical environment. 
  16. To create gender fearless environment within the college campus. 
  17. To create of Carbon Nuetral Campus. 
  18. To Biodegradation of waste product.