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Department of English

About the Department:

           The department of English of North Bank College was established with this mother institution in the year 1961. The general mission of this department is to provide quality education, value based knowledge and subject oriented skills and teaching with an aim to build up a new generation of people who are compassionate, optimistic, financially independent and aesthetically sound. Keeping this mission in the hearts, all the faculty members of the department of English, North Bank College, right from the time of inception, have been working dedicatedly to preach the knowledge of English language and literature(s) in English (language) among the Higher Secondary and undergraduate level (B.A./B.Sc/Vocational) students.

            Although the department of English came into existence right from the moment of birth of North Bank College, but its Honors Course was started only in the year 2011 under Dibrugarh University. From then on, the department boasts of producing a good number of quality alumni who have been spreading values and knowledge once injected into them by the department. The department visualizes that every student must speak and write in good English so that they can use it as the basic lingua franca whenever or wherever necessary. However, this department has also realized that without literature, language remains a dull sign imparting some lifeless words or messages. As a result, the department of English has been serving as the fertile ground where students can sow their budding seeds of literature through the medium of several platforms provided to them by the department in the form of the departmental wall magazine THE LITERARY LANTERN and other such Programmes including Community Participation, Lecture Programmes, Group Discussions, Literature Review Programmes, Several Literary Competitions etc.



The department has been involved in conducting various activities for both teachers and students. Apart from organizing ritualistic Seminars and Discussions, the department provides facilities as mentioned below:

i. The department has a well-equipped Department Library with a reasonable collection of books, journals and magazines for the students and faculties. The department is also the subscriber of Sahitya Akademi’s bi-monthly journal Indian Literature as well as a literary magazine in Assamese Gariyashi.

ii. The department facilitates ICT based teaching. Besides the general lecture method followed by tutorial classes, home assignments and group discussions, Digital & Smart Classes are also part of English Department’s routine activities.

iii.   Moreover. the Department trains the students how to write and present  PPT-compatible Seminar Papers.

iv. The Department Computer is made available for the students and faculties during the college hour. They can get their materials typed, prepare PPT presentations, and even watch curriculum based movies on it.

v. The department conducts Home Visits to Students’ home each year. It enables the students, parents to express both academic and non-academic grievances in a friendly ambience.

vi. To augment the creative faculties of the students, the Department published two magazines- First, the departmental magazine The Marker and secondly, the Wall-magazine The Literary Lantern. Moreover, the department has a Display Board where the students can write a recently learnt/acquired word, its meaning along with its various grammatical forms and share it with others.  


Course Programme:

  The Department has been providing UG curriculum in the subject of English under CBCS, Dibrugarh University offering Honours, Generic Elective and Non-Honours Courses. The same course will be retained in the curriculum of NEP 2020.   

Future Plan:

The Department shall continue its duty of imparting quality education at the Undergraduate level effectively. Its future plan involves:

i. To increase the student enrolment at the department.

ii. To collaborate with English Department of other colleges/Social Organizations / Institutions etc., so that teacher-student exchange programs can be organized at the department level.

iii. Arrangement of special classes at different schools of the locality taken by the department students especially by those who have chosen the field of academics as their career.

iv. Opening of new Add on Course on Translation Studies.


Retired/Expired Teachers:

1. Mr. S. K. Roy (retd. in 2004)

2. Mr. Tusheswar Chetia (retd. in 2006 & expired in 2009)

3. Mr. Milan Kumar Gogoi (ex Faculty)




Academic and Extention Activities:

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Publication of the Department:

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Alumni of the Department:

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Students Progression :

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