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Department of Sociology


About the Department:

                  Sociology is the discipline that deals with understanding social realities through various perspectives on different social issues for reaching out to draw up strategic plans, set goals and programs for solving real-world problems. The Department of Sociology was established in the year 1971 at North Bank College. It is one of the pioneering institutions in the entire North bank of the river Brahmaputra that facilitates the students of the region to inculcate ideas and knowledge regarding the discipline of sociology and its utility in a broader scope. The Sociology Department also provides the scope for the students to develop their soft skills such as communication skill, cognitive skill, leadership skill and critical thinking skill by conducting various field works and educational trips within the jurisdiction of the subject curriculum. Over and above, the knowledge of sociology and its application in academics has growing importance with room for employability in different sectors in the global scenario.

            The Department of Sociology has provided the ground for the students to understand social reality by using sociological imagination. The department is trying to make its students globally aware of what is going on within its different subject areas and research field globally. By conducting seminars, group discussion, covering the syllabus, the department tries to make the students capable to face the changing demand of Higher Education and its future prospects. Ghilamara is the area which is a hub of different communities and tribe that lives side by side with the exchange and sharing of their culture, art and traditions; a scientific inquiry and a systematic analysis by doing sociological research in different social and cultural issues could enrich the knowledge stock which would become beneficial for the greater good of the society.


· To improve the qualities of students with good communication skill, knowledge and empathy.

· To inculcate the practice of critical thinking among the students for understanding and examining the social issues with a scientific temperament and rational mindset.

· To maintain an inclusive and vibrant environment where the faculty, staff and students are respected and their contributions are fairly recognized.

· To indoctrinate the importance of research and critical analysis among the students.


§ To promote scientific understandings of social life through teaching, scholarship and service.

§ Providing rigorous training in disciplinary methods and theories for developing robust sociological imaginations and critical thinking among the students.

§ To develop an attitude among the students for encouraging them to get involved in community engagement programmes for social upliftment of the deprived sections of society.

§ The department envisages bringing a research-oriented mindset among the students.




Course Programme:


Future plan:

The department has the scope to open PG classes for sociology students, as it will serve the need of the hour. It has the scope to work on various social research projects in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations by involving the students and community as a whole.


Academic and Extention Activities:

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Co-Curricular Cultural Rally 2023 View File
Educational Tour Visit Kaziranga National Park 2022 View File
Academic Visit Habung 2022 View File
Co-Curricular Sanskritir Edin 2023 View File



Publication of the Department:

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Annual Magazine SOCIO-VISION, 2016-17 View File
Annual Magazine SOCIO-VISION, 2015-16 View File
Annual Magazine SOCIO-VISION, 2014-15 View File
Annual Magazine SOCIO-VISION, 2013-14 View File
Annual Magazine SOCIO-VISION, 2012-13 View File
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Annual Magazine SOCIO-VISION, 2008-09 View File


Alumni of the Department:

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2022 DIMPI GOGOI View Profile
2022 MITHURAJ CHETIA View Profile
2022 TANASHRI GOHAIN View Profile
2022 TINAMONI SUT View Profile
2021 BANTI HANDIQUE View Profile
2021 JERINA KHANIKAR View Profile
2021 REKHARANI GOGOI View Profile
2020 INDRANUJ GOGOI View Profile
2020 NABAJYOTI DAS View Profile
2020 TARALI GOGOI View Profile
2019 DIPJYOTI KONCH View Profile
2019 MITALI BARUAH View Profile
2019 PAHARI DUTTA View Profile
2018 BHARATI PHUKAN  View Profile
2018 DEBAJIT GOGOI View Profile
2018 IVARANI DUTTA View Profile
2017 MAHANANDA GOGOI View Profile
2017 RANTU SARMAH View Profile


Students Progression :





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Syllabus B.A Honours(CBCS) View File
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