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Department of Education

About the Department:

The department of Education was introduced in the college in 1961, the establishment in the college. Since its inception the department has been striving to  provide quality education to its students. Initially there was only one teacher in the department. From 1970 two teachers served in the department and in the year 1992 when major course was introduced where one more teacher was appointed. Since 1997 four teachers have been serving in the department.



The vision of the department is to offer high quality education to the students so that they recognize and fulfill their roles and responsibilities as equal contributors towards nation building.


  1. Developing deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving ability, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. Encouraging students to become lifelong learners and imbibe essential skills to serve the society at the highest level.
  3. Creating an environment to ensure all round development of students so that they can contribute towards the society as human recourse.
  4. Ensuring cooperation of ex students of the department towards all round development of the department.


The department has the following facilities.

  1. The department has a laboratory with modern apparatus to carryout psychological laboratory works.
  2. There is a common room for the teachers to carry out their academic activities and for interaction with students.
  3. The department has a library for students with books contributed by the teachers and specimen copy of book sent by publishers.
  4. The department has a magazine titled “Shiksha- Pradip” and a wall magazine titled “Bikiran” which providing for development of  literal writing skill among the students.
  5. The department has a Desktop Computer.

 Course Programme: 

       As the college is affiliated to Dibrugarh University, the department follows the course prescribed by the university. Currently the department offers UG curriculum of education under CBCS, which has been in effect since 2019. Accordingly the department offers Honours, Generic Elective and Non-Honours courses. Currently there is no enrolment into the Non- Honours course.

 Future Plan : 

The department plans the following activities in near future-

1. To introduce P.G course in the subject.

2. To introduce coaching classess for the students of the college to make them capable of qualifing compititive exams.

3. To organize- seminars,conference and workshops. 

4. To introduce skill oriented certificate course. 

5. To introduce various extention activities by the students of the department outside the college.

6. To motivate the faculties for minor and major research project.


Publication of the Department:

                         Nature of Publication                                       Description                                                      View                        
Prin Journal Siksha Pradip 2017-18 View File
Print Journal Siksha Pradip 2013-14 View File
Print Journal 2011-12 View File
Print Journal 2006 View File


Academic and Extention Activities: 

Nature of Activity Title of Activity Year   View
Academic Speech On Teaching Pedagogy 2023 View File
Academic Agreement Memorandum of Understanding 2023 View File
External Evaluator Gunotsav, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Round 2023 View File
Popular Talk Popular Talk on E- Content Development 2023 View File
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Tour Educational tour to Majuli  2022 View File
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Co-Curricular Achieved Best Spiker Player  in Intercollege Women Volley Ball 2018 View File
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\Alumni of the Department:

              Passing Year                                    Name of Student                                         View                     
2022 Bikram Baruah View Profile
2022 Dipankar Chutia View Profile
2022 Hemirani Gogoi View Profile
2022 Hitesh Kr. Das View Profile
2022 Manalisha Barpatra View Profile
2022 Pompi Baruah View Profile
2022 Parishmita Boruah View Profile
2022 Sushmita Boruah View Profile
2022 Kakali Saikia View Profile
2022 Nijara Lahan View Profile
2022 Luna Lahan View Profile
2022 Yasi Gogoi View Profile
2022 Indrani Borgohain View Profile
2021 Bijaya Hazarika View Profile
2021 Dimpal Hazarika View Profile
2021 Doli Gohain View Profile
2021 Momina Phukan  View Profile
2021 Pranjal Chutia View Profile
2021 Ranjan Handique View Profile
2021 Jesmin Chetia View Profile
2021 Jyoutshna Gogoi View Profile
2021 Mainu Lamu View Profile
2021 Pompi Gogoi View Profile
2021 Papori Bharali View Profile
2021 Parishma Gogoi View Profile
2021 Reshmirekha Baruah View Profile
2021 Rupamoni Baruah View Profile
2021 Rushmi Chutia View Profile
2020 Chintu Dutta View Profile
2020 Dhamendra Patra View Profile
2020 Dhamendra Urang View Profile
2020 Gaurav Singha View Profile
2020 Pranjal Changmai View Profile
2020 Pranjal Hazarika View Profile
2020 Rupam Hazarika View Profile
2020 Sanjib Gogoi View Profile
2020 Anubha Baruah View Profile
2020 Arundhati Saikia View Profile
2020 Bulbuli Chiring View Profile
2020 Jharnajyoti Changmai View Profile
2020 Kuldeep Dutta View Profile
2020 Rupamoni Changmai View Profile
2020 Lakhinath Pegu View Profile
2019 Anupam Baruah View Profile
2019 Bipul Saikia View Profile
2019 Biraj Borgohain View Profile
2019 Daisyrani Gohain View Profile
2019 Ghranjyoti Gogoi View Profile
2019 Himadri Baruah View Profile
2019 Himashree Gogoi View Profile
2019 Krishna Saikia View Profile
2019 Nijara Pegu View Profile
2019 Nikirani Baruah View Profile
2019 Nirumoni Chutia View Profile
2019 Parishmita Baruah View Profile
2019 Sonia Pegu View Profile
2019 Kristina Doley View Profile
2019 Himadri Chetia View Profile
2018 Daisyrani Gohain View Profile
2018 Dayananda Gogoi View Profile
2018 Durlav Mili View Profile
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2018 Barnali Gogoi View Profile
2018 Dubari Baruah View Profile
2018 Dulumoni Gogoi View Profile
2018 Jerina Chutia View Profile
2018 Jharna Gogoi View Profile
2018 Nitumoni Bora View Profile
2018 Parishmita Boruah View Profile
2018 Rashmi Hazarika View Profile
2018 Tulika Bharali View Profile
2017 Biswakarma Medak View Profile
2017 Biswajit Konch View Profile
2017 Champak Phukan View Profile
2017 Dimpal Borgohain View Profile
2017 Dularam Doley View Profile
2017 Girindra Saikia View Profile
2017 Manash Jt. Saikia View Profile
2017 Manuranjan Pegu View Profile
2017 Pankaj Sarmah View Profile
2017 Pradip Borman View Profile
2017 Sirumoni Gogoi View Profile
2017 Jularam Patir View Profile
2017 Bini Changmai View Profile
2017 Dubari Gogoi View Profile
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2017 Parishmita Hazarika View Profile
2017 Purabi Gohain View Profile
2017 Purnima Saikia View Profile
2017 Sikhamoni Dutta View Profile
2017 Tarali Chutia View Profile




Students Progression:



Student Placement and Higher Study:


                              Name of Programme                                                      View                          
Syllabus B.A Honours(CBCS) View File
Syllabus B.A Non-Honours(CBCS) View File
Departmental Calender(2023-2024) View File
Even Semester Dailly Classes Routine(CBCS),2023 View File
Odd Semester Dailly Classes Routine(CBCS)