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Department of Botany

About the Department:

The department of Botany was established in 1996. This department offers higher secondary and degree courses as per the prescribed syllabus of AHSEC and Dibrugarh University respectively.


The vision of our department is to conduct innovative research, teaching and outreach on the patterns and process of life with a focus on plants and their environment.


Ø To train botanist to motivate masses towards the conservation of our floral and faunal diversity.

Ø To train students to find and sustainable use the various biological treasures of this place.



 Course Programme:


 Future Plan:

 Academic and Extention Activities: 

                Nature of Activity                     Title of Activity                              Year                          View             
Environmental  Plantation Programme 2022 View File
Field Study Educational Tour 2022 View File
Academic Teachers Day Celebration 2021 View File


Publication of the Department:

                      Nature of Publication                       Description                                                View                                     
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 Alumni of the Department:

                  Passing Year                       Name of the Student                                                      View           
2020 Akash Taku View Profile
2020 Bhaskar Patir View Profile
2020 Bitupan Patir View Profile
2020 Charan Jt. Doley View Profile
2020 Chenti Buragohain View Profile
2020 Janki Borgaohain View Profile
2020 Manash Pratim Pegu View Profile
2020 Rupam Chutia View Profile
2020 Rajendra Boruah View Profile
2020 Ranjit Deori View Profile
2020 Repunja Gogoi View Profile
2020 Tultul Chutia View Profile
2020 Kushalata Gogoi View Profile
2017 Rantu Saikia View Profile
2017 Kankankana Saikia View Profile
2017 Maya Jt. Doley View Profile
2017 Nilakhi Baruah View Profile
2017 Sunmoni Buragohain View Profile
2017 Himanta Boruah View Profile
2017 Santi Doley View Profile
2017 Debajit Saikia View Profile
2017 Dhurbajyoti Chamuah View Profile
2016 Bhaskar Baruah View Profile
2016 Khitish Doley View Profile
2016 Khemanta Buragohain View Profile
2016 Ramkrishna Pegu View Profile
2016 Arpan Chutia View Profile


 Students Progression of Last Five Year:





                       Name od Programme                                                                 View                           
Syllabus B.SC Honours(CBCS) View File
Syllabus B.Sc Non-Honours(CBCS) View File
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Routine Even Semester 2022-23  
Routine Odd Semester 2022-23