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Rules & Regulations



Disciplinary Rules and Regulations


    Everybody might admit that there is nothing that can be substituted for self-discipline and a serious devotion to duty, a spirit of respect and love for all that is good, noble and beautiful in life. The college expects students to keep their vision high, maintain their moral dignity and purity of character and solicit co-operation from the parents to minimize the necessity of enforcing rules and regulations. 
    The college has developed the tradition of a homely but formal atmosphere of freedom with responsibility, treating one another with love and respect. We have some honourable as well as proud alumni who have set a very good tradition in the institution. However, we lay down some norms of general conduct within College Premises, Office, Library, Hostels and in the NCC as well as NSS unit. We, the North Bank college family, hope to continue such types of norms for forthcoming days. Students have to maintain the highest standard of behaviour and discipline both inside and outside the college. They are required to improve and maintain consistency in their performance in the college as well as university examinations in order to get promoted to the subsequent semesters. Simultaneously, the students must develop their personality and performance in other co-curricular activities also.

1.    General rules:

1.1 Students will have to strictly follow/observe the disciplinary rules framed by the college. Violation of these rules will be dealt with by the Principal or Disciplinary Committee in the manner the Committee considers suitable and the decision of the Concerned Authority/ Committee will be final in this regard.
1.2. During the days of regular classes, on the first bell, students shall assemble in their respective class rooms and wait silently for the teacher. When the teacher enters the classroom they shall rise and remain standing till they are asked to take their seats.
1.3 No student shall enter the class room after the entry of the teacher. Exit from and late entry to the class room is allowed only with the permission of the teacher. Late comers, if any, will be marked present by the teacher at the end of the class if there is sufficiently valid and acceptable reason for being late. Frequent practice of such irregularity will not be considered.
1.4 Every head of the departments are the in-charge and academic advisor of their students and will keep a close watch on their students’ attendance, progress and conduct.
1.5 Irregular attendance, indifference in regard to class work and examination, discourtesy towards teachers or any other employees of the college, insubordination, obscenity in word and act, wilful damage to college property, anti-social activities etc. are liable for disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the college.
1.6 Students must not do any deed detrimental to the good name as well as the vision of the college.
1.7 Attendance to college functions like seminars of any standard (International, National, State or Local) organized by the IQAC or college authority, association meetings of the department, departmental seminars, group discussions etc. are obligatory to all students. The student failing to attend in such meetings is punishable by the college authority/ head of the concerned departments.
1.8 No student shall be allowed to organise any activity within the college campus or associate with any outside group of the society without the knowledge of the principal, which may affect the holy academic atmosphere of the institution. If this happens, it will be considered a great offence. 
1.9 Any comment made through any kind of print or electronic media including social media, which may hurt the prestige of this college will be considered as academic as well as criminal offence according to the college rule book and shall be liable to severe punishment.
1.10 No students will be allowed to use the college campus as a fighting ground with their fellow students or any other person. This will be considered illegal and the guilty person/ student is liable to have rigorous punishment.
1.11 The entire college campus is a mobile phone prohibited zone. But under some exceptional circumstances the permission for the use of mobile phones may be granted by the Principal or Head of the departments. But the principal’s chamber, classroom, office room, library etc. will strictly remain ‘NO MOBILE ZONE’ for students and outsiders.

1.12 Students shall wear uniform as the proper dress code as approved by the college authority. The uniform of the college is as mentioned below:
    (i)  For Boys: Black Pant and White Shirt.
    (ii) For girls: White Kurta White Patiala Pant and Orange Colour Churni.
Relaxations & Exceptions, if any, will be intimated by the college authority in appropriate time.
1.13 Students must always wear the valid identity card issued by the college authority with their recent photograph affixed, bearing the signature of the principal. They must present it for inspection/verification whenever asked for by the college authority.
1.14 There are complaint boxes fixed in some places of the college to lodge complaint of the students. No student is entitled to take up action against any grievance on his own.
1.15 Loitering in groups in the college campus and canteen means indiscipline on the part of the students and that must be avoided.
1.16 No students or outsiders shall collect money as contribution for any purpose/activity without the written permission of the principal.
1.17 Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college premises inclusive of hostels (Boys and Girls) and outside. Students indulging or participating in such activity will face disciplinary action like cancellation of his/her admission, expulsion from the college etc. which will be decided by the college authority convening discussion with the concerned cell. Moreover it will be mentioned in the college leaving certificate of such students that he/she was expelled because of his/her indulgence in ragging.
1.18 Consumption of alcohol, use of gutkha, smoking, tobacco-chewing, or consumption of any type of socially undesirable commodities etc. are strictly prohibited in the college premises. If the use of such things are found red handed it will be considered as an act of indiscipline. It is liable to be punished with expulsion from the college or an FIR will be lodged or the both.
1.19 Loss of identity card must be reported immediately to the office of the principal and will replace with a duplicate one.
1.20 Mechanically propelled vehicles (Both two and four wheelers) must be parked at the places specified for the purpose which is fixed by the college authority. Bicycles must be kept in the cycle stand in proper order. If any student fails to do so he/she may face punitive action of the college authority.
1.21 The main gate of the college will remain closed from 10.00 AM to 03.00 PM during regular class days. Therefore, students are asked to work accordingly. There may be relaxation of time which will be intimated in due course of time. 
1.22 There is a constitution of North Bank College Students’ Union (NBCSU) where all the rules and regulations regarding election of NBCSU have been inscribed in all details. As this constitution has been prepared on the basis of the provisions as prescribed by the Lyngdoh Committee which was also accepted by the honourable supreme court of India on 22/09/2006, all the students have to respect it. 
1.23 Matters not covered in this rule will be at the discretion of the principal. Apart from these rules all the students  will have to adhere other directives, rules and principles imposed by the principal, disciplinary committee and concerned authority.

2.    Hostel rules:

There are some general rules of the hostel which must abide by every boarder. These rules are equally applicable for both the hostels (boys’ and girls’) of the college.
2.1. Every boarder must participate in the evening prayer of the hostel.
2.2. Warden is the immediate authority of the hostel. He/ She must be honoured by everyone. Any boarder dishonouring the warden is liable to strict action by the college authority. 
2.3. A student taking admission in the hostel must join the hostel within 3 (three) days. Otherwise his/ her seat may be cancelled.
2.4. A boarder must submit the name, telephone number, and ID proof along with the address of his local guardian to the warden in the time of joining at the hostel.  
2.5 Students who reside in outside the college campus must submit the name, address and ID proof of both the accommodator as well as the local guardian.
2.6. Students are advised to keep their rooms as well as the hostel campus neat and clean. They should plan a hostel campus service programme at a regular interval on the Sundays. Every student must participate in the programme failing which the absentees have to show the cause of their absence. They may be levied fine by the hostel warden.
2.7. Ragging of any form is strictly banned in the hostel. 
2.8. While going outside the hostel premise/college campus except going to the usual college classes, every hosteller must enter his/her name and other necessary information in the registration book of the respective hostels.
2.9. Boarders must note down the place where they are going to and the time when they will come back to the hostel in the exit register along with the time of departure from the hostel.
2.10. Boarders must enter the hostel premise within the stipulated time after completion of the college classes.
2.11. Boarders must sit for study at the stipulated study hour. Unnecessary commotion is not allowed in the hostel. Making any type of noise (singing or talking loudly) during study hour is strictly prohibited, violation of which will immediately be intimated to the warden for action. Silence must be maintained during normal hours also, in the hostel.
2.12. Students will be allowed to go outside of the hostel premise on Tuesday and Saturday only in the afternoon. It is exempted for the students who have to go outside for tuition classes. Boarders going for tuition classes should inform the warden in writing details about the centre of the tuition with locality, name of the teacher and the subject in which they are taking tuition classes.
2.13. Use of any kind of intoxicants (drugs, alcohol etc. including gutkha of varied kinds, tobacco etc.) is strictly prohibited for the hostellers. Anybody found using such goods inside or outside the hostel may cause severe action like expulsion from the hostel and the institution.
2.14. To leave the hostel, a boarder has to take a written permission from the warden where he/ she must mention the reason of leaving as well as the date of return. His/ Her parents must contact with the warden from the phone number of the parents (already submitted to the warden) immediately after his/ her arrival of their residence.
2.15. A visitor/ guardians are permitted to meet their son/daughter only on Sunday.
2.16. Besides the above mentioned rules of the hostel the warden has the regulatory right to look after the boarders at his own discretion. 

3.    Library Rules:

3.1. Wearing of proper uniform along with updated/renewed identity card is mandatory for every student to enter the library.
3.2. Library services will be provided to the students of the college as well as the outside readers of the locality. The outside readers have to take membership card from the college authority in payment of a membership fee(s) of Rs 100 (Hundred) only along with security money (refundable) of Rs 500 (Five Hundred) only. 
3.3. A student having honours in a particular subject can borrow 4 (Four) books and those who are studying general course can borrow 2 (Two) books from the library at a time. No students will be issued/allowed to borrow book from the library without valid library membership card.
3.4. Books once borrowed may be retained for a period of maximum 15 days. That may be renewed for once only on request for another 7 (Seven days). Books not returned on the date marked in the issue slip will be charged monetary penalty on the basis of days retained without authority. The amount of monetary penalty to be levied on the students is at a rate of Rs 2 only (Two) per day where, Sunday and holidays will be excluded.
3.5. The Librarian may recall a book at any time even before the expiry of the normal period.
3.6. Dog earrings the pages of a book, marking or writing in the book with ink or pencil, tearing or taking out of its pages or otherwise damaging it will constitute injury to the book. Any such injury to a book is considered as a serious offence. Unless the borrower points out the injury at the time of borrowing, he /she shall be required to replace the book or pay its market value with a fine of Rs 50 only (Fifty) as per library rules.
3.7. Any payment with regard to fines charged by the library will be received in the library counter.
3.8. Particular ‘Rare books’ are available to be used in the reading room only; such rare treasures will not be available for borrowing.
3.9. Perfect silence and decorum must be maintained in the library. The Librarian may refuse service to them who violate this rule.
3.10. Students or other outside readers, who lost their Library cards, must inform the Librarian immediately. A duplicate card will be issued to them on payment of Rs. 15/-(Fifteen) only.
3.11. Library clearance certificate will not be issued to them who failed to clear their outstanding if any, relating to the Library of the college.

4.    NCC rules:

4.1 To apply for enrolment as North Bank College NCC Cadet, the applicant/student must be a regular student of the college. After being selected by the North Bank College NCC Unit, he/she will be offered NCC Cadetship. 
4.2Maintaining order and discipline is mandatory for all the cadets of the NCC unit of the college.
4.3 Attendance during parade practice and other theoretical classes is compulsory. Anybody found absent in such programmes is liable to charge fine of Rs. 50/- (Fifty) only per day. 
4.4 Any cadet found involved in any kind of conspiracy, which may cause breaking the unity within members of the NCC unit, then the particular cadet may be suspended from the unit with immediate effect if sufficient evidences are available against him.
4.5 A cadet’s involvement in any kind of activity which may demoralise or devalue the NCC unit of the college, and if it is proved with proper evidence, he/ she is liable to face disciplinary action. 
4.6 Uniform is an honourable part of NCC unit and no cadet is permitted to use it in a purpose other than the programme scheduled by the unit. Any cadet found misusing it he/ she may be suspended from the NCC unit with immediate effect.

5.    NSS Rules:

5.1. To enrol as a member of NSS unit of the college, a student must be a regular student of TDC courses of this college and he will be considered as an ‘NSS Volunteer’ and his membership will be valid till the date declaration of his B,A/ B.Sc. 6th semester final examination results.
5.2. A volunteer must be loyal to the Programme officer and the Group Leader of the NSS unit. Any volunteer found disrespecting the above officers will be considered as violation of rule and discipline.
5.3. NSS volunteers are considered as a most valued member of the college. Therefore, they must show due respect to the general students also.
5.4. During Service camp, no volunteer will be allowed to leave the camp temporarily or permanently whichever it may be, without the written permission from the Programme officer.
5.5. A volunteer will be issued a ‘Proficiency certificate’ only if he successfully and sincerely participate in all activities of the unit during the tenure. 
5.6. No volunteer will be issued any ‘Proficiency certificate’ before completion of at least 120 (One hundred and twenty) hours of work in his tenure.


Rulebook Prepared By

Dr. Jugal Saikia (Principal& Advisor, Rulebook Preparation Committee)
Mr. Beni Madhab Borah (Co-ordinator, Rulebook Preparation Committee)
Dr. Laba Ram Sonowal (Asst. Co-ordinator, Rulebook Preparation Committee)
Mrs. Mompi Saikia (Member, Rulebook Preparation Committee)
Dr. Naren Ch. Das (Co-ordinator, IQAC, NBC)
Dr. Sunil Talukdar (Asst. Co-ordinator, IQAC, NBC)